Endorsements for Megan

endorsements for megan salter

Megan has been endorsed by these elected leaders and organizations. Join them and support Megan this November!

megan salter and peter defazio

Peter Defazio

US Representative, 4th District of Oregon

Oregon 2 Indivisible

National Association of Social Workers PAC

Shannon Souza- candidate for State Senate District 1

And of course neighbors just like you…

Jacqueline S. Sutton

Lorraine T. Walker

Judith L. Rose

Susan Applegate

Elizabeth R. Melick

Ann Fasig

Jim Fasig

Julie Jeanmard

Katie Williams

Pamela Rice Kimball

Deb Pike

Joanne Gordon-Days Creek

Matthew Pike

Ana Agundez-Charvat-Days Creek

Mike Harris

Julie Harris

M. A. Hansen

Lauren Schroeder

Gloria McCrea

Vino Arredondo

Connie Page

Rick Kreofsky

Donna Pichel

Vicki L. McAlister

Guadalupe R. Preciado-McCalister

Christopher Hagle

Shawnee Lynch

Billie Spell

Connie Erickson

Joe Yetter

Stephanie Ashby

Isaac Ashby

Phyllis Zegers

Stuart Liebovoitz

Marty Katz

Diana Wales

Stacey McLaughlin

Randy Chase

Any Abler Salthouse

Other Endorsements

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