When the Campaign Trail Gets Hard, I Remember Why I Started

megan salter addressing group

I’m tired.

Really tired.

And I’m quite certain I haven’t eaten anything today.

But I did have coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

And I knocked on doors in 100 degree heat. And attended a meeting and an event. And revised my voter pamphlet statement three times. And shuttled my kids back and forth to camp so I could get work done. And prepped all my walk lists and campaign literature for tomorrow.

megan salter working at the pool
Getting a little more work in poolside.

And today I got my first parking ticket. Because I was parked downtown and paid the meter but then someone asked about my campaign and was pouring their heart out to me about the issues that affect them. And I listened. Because their story matters and it’s why I’m running. I’m here to listen and then work hard to make things better. Because that’s who I am.

But I got to the meter one minute too late and now I have a parking ticket to pay.

Running for office is difficult and exhausting and deeply personal.

But I know it’s worth it and I will keep fighting each and every day until I win.

  • Because I want our children to be able to go to their local school and get a free, quality education.
  • Because I want people to be able to find a safe place to live that they can afford.
  • Because I want to make sure that those that have the vision to open to their own business have the resources necessary to open those doors and then be able to keep them open.
  • Because I want everyone to have access to healthcare that they can actually afford and use as well as be able to find a doctor nearby.
  • Because I don’t want people to consider moving away because there aren’t enough opportunities here.
  • Because I want to make sure that our rivers are safe to swim in and our forests aren’t on fire all summer and we can all go hike or hunt or fish in the beautiful nature that surrounds us.
megan salter starting the campaign day
Every day starts with a smile even if I am tired.

I don’t often talk about the difficult times in my life. My struggles. My tough times. But I’ve lived them. And they’ve made me increasingly determined to help others in need. To solve the problems that plague us and our communities. To be the helper and the fixer and the compromiser and the problem solver.

Because I care deeply.

And I say all this because I need people to vote. All across the country. In every small town and big city. Please vote. Take a minute to research who is running for the local school board. They make a difference. Or who is running for judge. It matters. Or mayor or state rep or county clerk or city councilor.

We need to change the way we think about our vote. It matters. It makes a difference. You matter. You make a difference. We are all in this together. Let’s work together again and learn how to have the tough conversations. Let’s respect differing opinions. Let’s build the future we want together.

~ Megan

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