Roseburg Couple Learned to Bridge the Political Divide

bridge policital divide

One secret to marital happiness for Roseburg couple Megan and Jeremy Salter is they’ve learned to get along despite their political differences. She’s a Democrat; he’s a former Republican turned unaffiliated voter.

When the Salters met, Megan was a Democrat and Jeremy a Republican. Many people find it’s hard to listen to people on opposite sides of the party line these days, but the Salters say they’ve learned a lot from listening to each other.

“It’s helped us both move much more toward the center. I wish that more people were willing to listen to somebody despite their party line. That’s the only way our country’s going to move forward,” Megan Salter said.

“I feel that just because I’m a Democrat doesn’t mean I can’t do what’s best for this district and our county. As a politician, my job will be to listen to the needs of my constituents and take their voices to Salem,” she said.

Megan Salter said she’d emphasize education if she was elected to the legislature. She said she comes from a long line of teachers, and she believes schools need increased funding. They also need smaller class sizes, she said.

Read the whole article in the News Review.

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